Cannabis Infused Lip Balm Recipe

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Why use a cannabis infused lip balm? Well unlike the rest of your skin, your lips don't secrete sebum. Which happens to be the natural way our bodies balance moisture on our skin's surface. If your lips are severely chapped or if you are you are looking for a way to prevent your lips from becoming chapped, then lip balm is the answer.  When you put on lip balm, you need to be absolutely sure it contains the safest and most beneficial ingredients possible. The best way to make sure that your lips are going to be soft and safe is to make the lip balm yourself!

When you purchase lip balm at the store you expose yourself to harsh cancer-causing petrochemicals. Some of the more common and dangerous ingredients are: alcohol, silicon dioxide, artificial skin softeners, and other manufactured chemicals. You should avoid products that contain artificial colors and flavors at all costs. Real fruit and floral extracts are superior providers of flavor and color.  Remember, purity and quality are your most important factors in choosing all health products, lip balm is no exception.

This cannabis infused lip balm will not only leave your lips feeling soft, but it will also relieve any pain you have from chapped lips. You have the ability to use 100% safe, all natural, organic ingredients. You can choose additives that you want specifically for your lips. If you have any scars, then adding something like vitamin-E oil will help to reduce those scars over time. Vitamin-E oil also reduces wrinkles keeping your lips soft. Adding some eucalyptus oil will help to fight mental fatigue and it's also antibacterial, and antiviral. Eucalyptus has been used for flu, fever  sore throats as well as skin and muscle pain. Combined with marijuana this lip balm is better for you than anything you can buy at the store and will totally eliminate lip pain.

This cannabis infused lip balm recipe couldn't be easier. It uses our recipe for Coconut CannaOil, so make sure you make a batch of that first. Using this medicated lip balm daily will save you money, protect your lips, and give you peace of mind.

 Cannabis Infused Lip Balm


The Best Hybrid Vaporizer Review Of 2016 | Flowermate V5.0S Mini Pro

Vaping has taken the nation by storm. We are going to review the best hybrid vaporizer of 2016. Did you know that vaping shops and lounges exist? These shops equal about one-third of the whole vape industry. There are already more than 3,500 vape shops across the nation. (Source) The reason most people switch from cigarettes to vapor cigarettes is the fact that they think the e-liquid or "juice" is a healthier form of ingesting their nicotine than directly burning reconstituted tobacco. Once someone has started to vape, the allure of the unending variety of flavors keeps them enjoying their hobby day after day.

For those who enjoy both nicotine and marijuana there exists what is known as a "hybrid vaporizer."
The hybrid vape pen will be a device that allows you to vape juice and concentrates, as well as dry herb. We have done a few vape reviews here on the 420 shack, and there exists a ton of hybrid vaporizer reviews on the net. The one main problem that all these hybrid vaporizer reviews agree on is that after sometime the ceramic heating chamber gets too dirty and the effectiveness of their portable hybrid vape pen wears off.

The Flowermate V5.0S Mini Pro is the hybrid vape we will be reviewing today. This vape has current industry standards when it comes to it's base technology but it has a few special characteristics that set it above the rest of the vapes I've tried this year.

Flowermate Hybrid Vaporizer Review


Marijuana filled tampons!?

This may seem rather strange, but according to Whoopi Goldberg, medical marijuana is the reigning winner when it comes to remedies that battle menstrual cramp pain. Goldberg partnered with Maya Elisabeth, the founder of Om Edibles, which happens to be an all-female medical marijuana dispensary.

Together, they worked for over a year and half, combining medical marijuana with other superfoods, and natural healing herbs. The end result of their efforts came to be a product line of medical marijuana infusions, called "Whoopi & Maya Pain & Menstrual Relief" The product line includes a tincture, a bath soak, body balm, and some raw cacao powder.  Goldberg says her products won't get you "High high" that they are made with higher amounts of CBD than THC, as the focus of these products are to relieve pain, not get you high while you are at work.

Her line of products is available for purchase now, however only to CA residents who have a medical marijuana card. Though she intends to research further, at the time of this writing Whoopi and Maya do not have a cannabis tampon.

Looking to fill a hole in the market where companies like "Whoopi and Maya" fail to deliver, FORIA Relief has been hard at work "crafting a delivery system intended to maximize the muscle relaxing and pain relieving properties of cannabis." In other words, their intention is to create a weed tampon. Foria says they want to "standardize purity and potency, thereby ensuring a safe and accessible experience for all women."