Cannabinol Secrets: The Cure For Insomnia And MRSA?

Insomniacs everywhere can rejoice! Although already widely known in the medical marijuana community, cannabis has been used as a sleep-aid for many people who suffer from insomnia. What most people don't know, is the science behind why it helps. 

Cannabis contains over 80 different cannabinoids. Most of you will be familiar with the abbreviation "THC" otherwise known as tetrahydrocannabinol. With the introduction of medical marijuana testing labs, in-depth studies have begun to learn the individual properties behind each cannabinoid. 

Cannabinol, or CBN, is the cannabinoid responsible for causing the sedative effects that aid the onset of sleep. You might be surprised to learn that cannabinol is actually a product of degradation. When THC is exposed to oxygen over time, it begins to degrade and lose it's psychoactive properties, it transforms into CBN and gains incredible almost tranquilising effects.


Cannabis Infused Chocolate Peppermint Eggnog Recipe

It's December, so for most of us that means bundling up warm and enjoying time with the people we care about and indulging in some holiday treats. Eggnog is one of those seasonal drinks that just seems to spice up those boring evenings at home, complimenting a roaring fire and friendly conversation like no other holiday drink. Even though we are going to show you how to infuse your eggnog with cannabis, you can still include your favorite spirit, whether it be rum, bourbon, or brandy. 

There are multiple parts to this recipe, and it can become quite intensive. Don't let that get you down. This recipe is worth every bit of love you have to put into it. If you know someone who uses medical marijuana, then let this drink be the highlight of their holiday.

Cannabis Infused Chocolate Peppermint Eggnog 


How To Make Organic Vegan Coconut CannaOil

The health benefits of Organic Vegan Coconut CannaOil are practically endless. Coconut oil contains antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and antibacterial qualities thanks to lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid. These acids help to provide relief from all sorts of debillitating illnesses like diabetes, HIV, cancer, some heart diseases, and kidney problems. Coconut oil helps to improve dental quality and bone strength, skin and hair appearance, it boosts stress relief and immune response, regulates cholesterol, and aides proper digestion. To see a wonderful list of the health benefits of coconut, check out http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org/.

Organic virgin coconut oil is derived from coconut milk obtained from fresh coconut meat, by processes like fermentation, centrifugal separation and enzyme action. Little heat or no heat is used to extract the coconut oil. When coconut oil is produced in this fashion it smells and tastes the best.
This variety of coconut oils is one of the most trusted. It's also booming with antioxidants.

More than 90% of coconut oil consists of saturated fat. This is perfect for making edibles, because THC is fat soluable. The more fat we have, the more THC we can contain. Commercial butter is normally anywhere from 75-82% saturated fat. So theoretically, coconut cannaoil would be stronger than cannabutter made with the same amount of marijuana, as coconut oil will absorb more THC.

How To Make Organic Vegan Coconut CannaOil


The Best Way To Buy Marijuana Seeds With Bitcoin

Bitcoin. The worlds first de-centralised crypto currency. This may sound like a mouth full, but in actuality it's a very easy concept to understand. Bitcoin, is an electronic form of cash that works on a peer-to-peer system. Online payments can be passed from one individual to another without dealing with any financial institutions. A digital signature protects your currency, while the network timestamps all transactions. It does this by hashing them into a perpetual chain of hash-based proof-of-work, thus becoming a record that can't be changed without redoing the proof-of-work. 

What does this mean for you? Well, you have access to a new form of currency, that is not in direct control by any entity. You can send and recieve bitcoin anonymously, and you can generate multiple bitcoin addresses. In order to start you need to install a wallet on your computer or a mobile device. This will generate your first bitcoin address. Once you have your wallet, you need to get some coins. One of the Fastest way to get coins is to use CoinBase, which is an international digital wallet that allows you to securely buy, use, and accept bitcoins.

So now that you understand bitcoin, and you have a wallet installed, and you have some coins, let's get to the good stuff. Spending your bitcoins on your hobby.