Hey everyone!
It's that time again for the 420 shack to bring you the latest in marijuana money saving tips.

Today's Agenda

The top 5 weed tips THAT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!

1. Always buy by the gram price.
This marijuana is what we refer to as some "bomb"

Whether your buying from a local dispensary, or your local neighborhood dealer, you need to know your getting the best prices. Ever notice how at most grocery stores they include the "cent per oz" on all products? That's so you know that base price. If a 12 oz box of poptarts with 4 packages, is 3 dollars, your paying 25 cents an oz. If the cheap brand is 2.50, but you get the same amount than the oz price goes down, get it? Marijuana works the same way! If you buy an 8th for 35 that's 10 dollars a gram, always do the math to work out the best deal. Depending on quality prices get inflated or deflated.

2. Quality means EVERYTHING!
This marijuana is some dank!

Good weed from bad weed can be differentiated pretty easily based on a few factors. Just like picking the ripest fruit at the store you wanna pick the dankest bud!
THE MOST IMPORTANT! Look all marijuana has THC crystals, All marijuana has defining characteristics that can be hard to differentiate if your unfamiliar with cannabis. So let me be the first to tell you this, "IF THE SMELL DOESN'T MAKE YOUR NOSTRILS FLARE, DON'T BUY IT!" The better the smell the better the bud. Grab a few strains that smell nice (ie; skunky,pungent,fruity...) and move on through the check list.
The buds should feel sticky, and moist but not wet, and not too sticky that it wouldn't break up well.
 It cant be too dry either, don't buy crumbly marijuana! 
A broad color spectrum can be found in the many different varieties of marijuana. Bright reds, and purples, and luscious greens that sparkle and glisten like a vampire in twilight, is a good thing. If it looks like a dried piece of dog crap...well, don't smoke it.
Marijuana comes in a variety of flavors as well, blueberry, grape, orange, banana,  bubblegum.
Some varieties taste spicy, or tropical. If the flavor is gross, your smoking bad weed. 
I recommend green crack, or fruity loops as 2 good strains for key notes of flavor.( you can read more about fruity loops here: )

3.Buy a piece!
This guy is smoking from a very nice glass bong!

You have weed, now what are you going to do? Lets go buy a piece to smoke out of!
I cannot emphasize that enough, THICK, EXPENSIVE, NICE GLASS BONGS!
(You get what you pay for when buying a glass piece, adding an ice catcher, diffused downstems, inlines, ash catchers, and anything else is an amazing way to cool down the smoke before it enters your lungs to get the full flavor and aroma, and not just hot smoke!)

Dope extensions and accessories!
Why smoke out of anything else?

Glass provides a smooth clean hit, FULL OF TASTE! Now isn't the reason you bought that weed to get high? right... what does taste have to do with anything? Look man lets say your favorite food is a hamburger, no matter what, when you go to an expensive hamburger dinner, its gonna get you full right? What if you have a cheap hamburger dinner? or one you make at home? They all get you full! You buy products based on how you enjoy the taste, and experience. Marijuana is exactly the same!
So glass is your friend! anything else and your not getting the same experience as true marijuana smokers.

4. How to light up!
Wow, I know, I know... You know how to flick a lighter. I do too! BUT what you don't know is this...
Don't light your bowl with your lighter if you don't have too, long term effects of inhaling fumes from zippo's and bic's has been proven to cause brain damage, SEVERE F*CKING BRAIN DAMAGE! (Sorry for my use of vulgar language....) So please save your body, it's the only one you got!
Alternate ways to light up
bee line
Best way to use beeline!
This is a nice roll of hemp line!

a wax covered hemp rope, you have too use it to believe it. Light the end of the rope, and touch it to your bowl! pure unaltered hemp fire, is roasting your buds! ALL NATURAL! SAVE THE PLANET AND YOUR BODY AT THE SAME TIME!
hot glass
Use torch to light ball, press ball on marijuana!

For longevity that bee line cant match, you light the globe with a torch until its red hot, press it down onto the weed, and VOILA, a nice even burn that burns the thc at a lower temp than fire, which means you get MORE THC INTO YOUR BODY! when FIRE HITS THC IT DESTROYS IT! Doing it this way gives you full effects for whatever strain of marijuana your growing.

5. How to not get caught while enjoying your bowl!
Last tip and most importantly, be discreet if your in public, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU HAVE MARIJUANA AROUND KIDS!, stay away from schools. Other than that have at it! Find a nice spot under a big tree, big a blanket and a guitar and watch some clouds.
visine on you at all times to cure your red eyes, The 99 cent store stocks it at the cash register. 
DONT WEAR COLOGNE! that's a dead giveaway, Smoke a cigarette right after your bowl, BUT stand in the way of the smoke.
If a cop comes on a complaint of someone smoking, you have clean eyes, there's no marijuana smell, but you do smell like cigarettes. OOPS FALSE ALARM, and now you can go back to your business!


Matte said...

Wow Pro tips! Thx!

level85nerd said...

Thanks for the tips! And yes, kids shouldn't try it.

Jimmy Volmer said...

thanks for the pro tips

Nerd Life said...

those are some good tips

kokojesta said...

i like the bee line idea. in new zealand we do 'spots' where a very small piece of bud is rolled into a ball and two table knives are heated over a gas stove. once the knives are red hot you can pick up the spot just by using small pressure ontop of the spot and then sandwiching it between the two kinves. a frozen glass bottle with the bottom cut off is used to funnel the smoke. its the most conservative way to smoke! nothing is wasted... except you.

anon1337 said...

Didn't know about any of this. Very helpful, though i don't smoke weed.

rembrandtx said...

Never smoked weed before, but I was thinking about why people don't GROW Cocaine plants just like they do weed?

SWOOP! said...

Good tips. Never have done it before but you seem to know what you are talking about.

kokojesta said...

hehe cool contraptions :)

astro pix said...

dude there's NOTHING like lighting up with hemp rope! tastes 100x times better than a lighter!

Anonymous said...

those are great tips! great read! :)

i love this blog

Light Weight Baby! said...

I don't smoke, but thanks for the info!

Discerning Gentleman said...

I can use this information to teach my friend :O

Jimmy Volmer said...

I had to come back for a second read

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very good tips but what if you don't like cigs?

Secret Guide to Shaving said...

Happy Halloween!

Lemmiwinks said...

Great post, bro!

Anonymous said...

Um, yea . . .

Couple of things,

first 1/8oz = 3.5 grams = $10/g at $35 per 1/8th and like the grocery store buy in quantity for a discount

second, quality YES (I like Blueberry x BC God myself)

Third, glass is great but don't forget about vaporizing!!!

fourth, in the sun and wind a magnifying glass/lens works too!

fifth, live in a state with medical and get a license! solves the whole gettin' caught thing.


Anonymous said...

hahahahhaah i love how he says "always do the math to work out the best deal" something tells me math is not your subject of expertise.