The REAL worst things that can happen on marijuana!

Wanna know the worst that can happen to your body when you smoke marijuana?
Today's article is all about what possible side effects to expect from smoking or ingesting marijuana.
Marijuana is fun no matter how you look at it, but marijuana is still a a substance which when smoked or ingested has psychoactive properties...
( that's what gets you high!)
...and being that your altering your state of mind you can expect some side-effects. So I'm Going to break down THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!
You should probably hide your wives, and kids, and husbands, cuz these side effects are SCARY!

There are some effects of cannabis that are not beneficial.

1.Marijuana  may cause dizziness while standing due to lowered blood pressure. 

2. The smoking of marijuana can lower your pressure, this can cause dizziness while standing.

3.The onset of an increase and then a sudden decrease in heart rate can be problematic for those with heart conditions or severe anxiety.

4.Marijuana can cause a decrease in coordination and cognition.

5.Potential short term memory loss while high.

Effects vary from person to person, but there are no significant withdrawal effects if marijuana use is decreased or stopped. Also it is IMPOSSIBLE to OVERDOSE on marijuana. Now that you know the risks associated with it, im going to tell you how to be safe.
Yup it's mommy time!

1. Don't drive or start up a chainsaw, or fly a helicopter, or anything else that involves machines and a potential safety hazard to yourself or others.

2. Getting "crossfaded" as in smoking and drinking alcohol, may cause you to feel sick and puke....but a recent study found that cannabinoids in your brain when activated by ingesting the THC foun in marijuana, it coats your brain with a nuero protectant that actually helps to shield the damage from alcohol.

3. Never smoke weed if it has mold or fungus!!!!! Super important! don't do it.
Moldy marijuana will make you sick.

 The differences lie in the time it takes to hit you. Smoking gives you an instant or pretty close to instant high. You know how your feeling and you know when to stop. After eating an edible, it may take up to 2 hours to kick in, and another 2 to reach the apex of your high. You must gauge how much your eating effectively.

1. When ingesting marijuana, the feeling is more of a physical body high, than a cerebral head high.

2. Ingesting marijuana provides a lot stronger euphoric effect, and sedation is greatly enhanced.

3. Also eating a marijuana edible makes you super hungry.

Well guys now that you know the worst thats gonna happen, go ahead, light one up!


R_Dogg said...

i hate the arguement that weed is safer than alcohol...each effects are different on everyone

im more likely to make a poor decision while high than drunk...not everyones the same

and besides, do you really want the gov taking away our drinks?!?!?

DinoHunter said...

Dude,we need to smoke weed sometime. Dat kushhhh moooo fuckka!!!!! said...

@r_dogg it is physically impossible to die from smoking too much weed, it has no longterm harmful effect on the body.
alcohol however can kill you if you drink too much, and leaves lasting damaging effect o nyour kidneys and liver.

case in point :)
smoke dont drink. but yeah i agree it affects everyone differently. it's all about preference, btu the studies and research prove that cannabis is safer. for more info on those studies go to for all your drug info needs.

Crammarc said...

very good info as usual

Anonymous said...

lol wth how old is that lady??

kokojesta said...

im goin to stop smoking right now........

Secret Guide to Shaving said...

Cracks me up! said...

haha i aint gonna stop

Matte said...

Scary lady! XD

Unknown said...

Todays the day Californians. VOTE VOTE VOTE

Jimmy Volmer said...

yup, it's all about being safe with the drug

Nerd Life said...

Yes on Prop 19?

Kris159 said...

Yup, I completely agree with you

level85nerd said...

very interesting! thanks for that said...

Very informative! Prop 19 here we come!

itskillertime said...

This should be on MSNs front page!!!! great article!

Anonymous said...

great article ;] keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay smoking does kill. And it does have MANY long term affects on the body. I've been researching this for MANY years now. So don't smoke or drink be one of those who don't have a death wish.

Anonymous said...
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