The 420 Shacks Top 7 Worst Mistakes For Growing Marijuana

What's up guys and girls?
Today we will be going over the top 7 worst mistakes that can happen while growing your sweet, sweet, herbage.

This is the golden rule! 
They told you their friends could keep a secret, can you trust them? NO!
Telling anyone (even your best friend) leaves you open to thefts, fights, cops, jail and even death. The second the cat is out of the bag, you're not going to be able to put it back in.
Protect yourself and protect your grow room from having your marijuana plants stolen or destroyed, by simply keeping your grow to yourself.

#2. Never touch a germinating marijuana seed!
Germinating marijuana seeds, DON'T TOUCH EM!

When a marijuana seed is germinating it needs to be in a cool dark environment. Away from the dangers of the human hand. You can severely hinder a plants growth by handling it when its still germinating. You need to be patient as the germination period for a cannabis seed can last up to 10 days.

#3. Grow marijuana seeds from a known plant!
Good genetics, lead to big results for all your cannabis plants!

The path a marijuana plant takes during it growth is all dependent on it's genetics. That's whats going to to tell you how your new cannabis plant will grow.
You should always purchase quality marijuana seeds from a seed bank, or a medical marijuana dispensary. By researching the genetics of your plant before you grow, you can choose the best marijuana strain for you.

#4. Don't burn the cannabis plant by over fertilizing!
Notice how the very tips of the leaves are curled under? This marijuana plant has been over fertilized.

You can start fertilizing your cannabis plant as early as after it forms 2 sets of leaves. Don't mix your nutrients into your water unless you are going to use it immediately. Plants don't take water and nutrients at the same rate, so you will have different feeding and watering cycles. Every 2-4 weeks make sure you are using only pure water to wash.
(Reverse osmosis water is the best, and can be found at your local supermarket.)
If you notice your marijuana plants leaves starting to curl, then cut your nutrients down!

#5. Don't plant your cannabis too early!
If you plant too early, you may end up with a big ball of schwag!

When you start to grow, research the proper grow times for your strain!
If planted too early, the cannabis plants will grow super big, but your flowering period will be longer, and you risk your cannabis plants freezing, or being drowned out by the rainy season. If your looking for POUNDS, the plant ON TIME! Not BEFORE TIME.

#6. Never harvest your marijuana early!
We can all grow marijuana better than this, Don't harvest early!

A full quarter of the weight of your finished marijuana buds come from the last weeks of growing.
You should only harvest after at least 60% of your marijuana plants white pistils have turned brown. The nugs look big and sticky and suuuper juicy even before they are finished! Don't get excited and cut them early, do yourself a favor and have some patience! Nothing good worth smoking has ever been grown in a single night!

#7. Don't over water your cannabis plant!
If your cannabis plant gets root rot, it will die

Over watering causes root rot. That kills cannabis plants. To avoid this, you should be watering only once every few days. You'll know to water when the top 3 inches of the soil is dry.
If growing hydroponically, your pretty much safe from root rot, providing you keep your solution aerated nicely. You can accomplish that with a fish tank air pump and a 6 inch air stone.
(You can see an air pump working in my video here)

Hopefully these tips will help everyone out on their growing journey. The 420 shack is always here to help! We'd love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment!


Facemot said...

marijuana is what? similar drugs?

Anonymous said...

Marijuana is my slave name. -Cannabis

You forgot to mention "control odors using a charcoal filter."

No tell + no smell + no sale = no jail.

and then there was METAL said...

dude your first rule is the only rule u fuckin need, and my cell was two man =(