G-13 The Marijuana MYTH Busted!

Welcome to the 420 shack. Today's class is about the myth surrounding...
This strain is called "the truth" ironic?
The famous marijuana strain G-13 is rumored to have been grown by our very own government.
This is one of the largest marijuana marijuana myths still circulating around. In the 1960's and 1970's G-13 appeared on the scene. At the time, it was competing with such potent strains as Acapulco gold, Northern Lights, and Thai Stick. The differences between the strains is that, G-13 had very little credible information on where it came from.

The myth states that allegedly the 'G' stands for government while the '13' garners a reference to the letter 'M.'  Otherwise known as "Government Marijuana." Now there is some evidence that The G-13 marijuana strain is in fact a US government marijuana strain. During the 1950's The united states experimented a lot with different drugs and chemicals to help discover a truth serum.
This is the old sign outside of the Mississippi university green house
Mississippi university has a medical marijuana greenhouse on campus and they have been breeding cannabis strains since the 60's. This is where the government gets the marijuana supply to give certain patients medical marijuana. G-13 could have very well been bred in Mississippi by government marijuana botanists, who were seeking to further the research of mind altering substances. If G-13 was really a tight lipped government secret, then the government made a BIG mistake, because legend has it that a government botanist stole only a single G-13 clipping.
This government official is inspecting the marijuana grown at the Mississippi university green house
Fast forward to 2011 and it's easy to tell why there is so much debate over this strain.
Even the species of the G-13 marijuana strain is up for debate. Some researchers claim that it's an uplifting and energetic sativa. While other researchers argue G-13 is a very calming and relaxing indica.

Cannabis In Amsterdam released their own version of G-13 in the late 1980s. Their catalog states, "G-13 is an outstanding pure indica cutting reputedly discovered by the government research program in Mississippi. Widely grown as a commercial indoor plant in the US, G-13 has proven to be one of the best breeding plants in our collection."
G-13 strain up close.
However, Cannabis In Amsterdam also lists the strain as a pure sativa that they manipulated with an indica! They listed "G-13 x Hashplant" and another "G-13 x Northern Lights #2" which supports their claim that they had crossbred a pure sativa G-13 with their house indica strains. Some marijuana botanists have been cross breeding G-13 with different strains of Haze in an effort to bring out it's legendary uplifting sativa high.

There are several reasons for G-13's genetic confusion. Since marijuana is not controlled or regulated by the government, there were, and still are, no standards in place to combat marijuana dealers misrepresentation of strain names. Dealers continue to mislabel, and misrepresent marijuana strains, to further their business practices. This act alone makes it near impossible to trace current G-13 strains back to their roots.

Another possibility for the argument on what species the G-13 marijuana strain derives from, is the government might have developed several versions of G-13. A fast flowering high-yield indica variety and long flowering low-yield sativa. Experimenting and cross breeding until they found the perfect consistency.
G-13? This way!

Plenty of cannabis seed banks  across the globe offer their own version of G-13. Cashing in on it's cannabis culture popularity. More than likely though, since Cannabis indica originated in Afghanistan, a potent Afghan strain was most likely the basis for the G-13 strain, and over time, the potent strain's qualities were exaggerated into modern urban legends.

The G-13 strain was featured in the film American Beauty. In the film, a young high-school dealer, Ricky Fitts hands a bag of about an 8th, to Lester Burnham and says, "This shit is top of the line. It's called G-13. It's genetically engineered by the U.S. Government. It's extremely potent, but a completely mellow high. No paranoia." This line is likely responsible for a boost in the strain's popularity.

So is G-13 really a secret government strain?
The answer plain and simple is... no. Based on seed bank strain research, G-13 was a street name given to a highly potent strain of sativa that had been crossbred with a base of an afghani indica. As nice as it is to think G-13 is a huge conspiracy, it's not. The government could have very well produced amazing strains, but the current G-13 we have today is definitely not a secret government marijuana strain.
If you enjoy learning about the conspiratorial side of marijuana, check out "Hemp & The Marijuana Conspiracy: The Emperor Wears No Clothes" Jack Herer's book contains xeroxes of many original documents and newspaper articles which together with his commentary make this book invaluable to marijuana enthusiasts.


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The history behind G-13 is so fascinating! Thanks for the insight!

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Awesome blog! I don't smoke any more but I might have to if it ever gets legalized!

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"Myth busted"? How about some proof, rather than you just making a claim? Not saying you're wrong, but you've given me no reason to believe you other than your word. And since I've never met you, that's not much.

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Great article. I wish that myth was real though

Chilli420 said...

One credible story that I heard regarding G13, is that it is a polyploid Afghani strain (probably treated with colchicine to induce polyplodism) and the G stands for genetically modified (the genes were manipulated by colchicine to induce polyploidism).

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