How to make Ice hash for CHEAP!

Hola friends! Here is a small recipe for creating your own ICE HASH without investing tons of money on a press. This "how to" will teach you everything you need to know to produce Ice hash on par with the pros.

The 420 shack's SUPER CHEAP Ice Hash recipe

You are going to need a few things, so if you're homeless or destitute, start begging for quarters now.

What you need to make cheap ice hash

- Marijuana - Any kind will do. Wet leaves, dry leaves, trim, or regular buds. You need about 1 quarter ounce to 1 half of an ounce. (The potency of your ice hash will be directly proportionate to the potency of the marijuana you are using.)
An electric mixer (You can use your arms, but the mixer helps tremendously.)
Hair dryer (This speeds up the process, but you can let it dry naturally)
Ice cubes
1 gallon Ziploc bag with a good seal
- Slotted ladle
- Tea spoon
- Mixing bowl
- Glass bowl
- Tissues (3 to 4 tissues)
MOST IMPORTANT-A piece of nylon mesh (Nylon Mesh 210 Micron Opening 155 Micron Thread Diameter 33 Percent Open Area 24" x 12")(approx. 155 micron size with strands made of mono filament fiber) You can normally find this from most screen printing and art supply stores.

Do not use pantyhose, or silk, or other kinds of cloth you may have lying around. The holes will more than likely not be the right size to allow all the resin to drop through and keep out the unwanted cannabis plant material. Ensuring the correct screen mesh with mono filament fiber strands is the most important aspect of any ice hash collection method. The right mesh screen will last you for years.

How to Make Ice Hash

The first thing you need to do is grab your marijuana. All of the marijuana you will be using needs to go inside the Ziploc. Seal it up, and place the bag of marijuana in the freezer for 1-2 hours.

Take your mixing bowl, and pour equal parts of extremely cold water, ice cubes, and your marijuana into it, making sure to put the marijuana into the bowl last. You can use your electric mixer on THE LOWEST blend setting for 2-3 minutes, at this point you are wanting the water to be a tan-ish sandy color, If the water starts to turn green you have mixed it too much, or are using poor quality cannabis.

Take your mesh screen and hold it over your glass bowl. Pour the contents of your mixing bowl through the screen. The unwanted cannabis plant material will be caught on the screen, but the resin filled water will pass through the holes in the mesh.

Now take your glass bowl, and put it into the freezer for 30-45 minutes. Don't let the water freeze. Check on it every few minutes, and tap on the sides of the glass bowl every time you check it. The frozen resin heads will collect at the bottom of the glass bowl, and the leafy cannabis plant material will rise to the top.

Now you need to take your larger spoon, and spoon out about 95% of the liquid, be gentle, and don't stir up the water too much, you don't want to take out the resin crystals, and you don't want to mix up the cannabis material with the resin. Once the majority of liquid is out, switch spoons to a teaspoon, keep getting out all the water you can. Once the water is almost completely out, use the tissues to soak up the remaining water.
You can remove the water with a syringe also. This way is a LOT easier.
Blow dry the moist ice hash on medium for a few minutes, or let it air dry in a warm place for a full day. Lump it all together with a finger when it's dry enough.

The remaining tar like sticky substance is mostly pure resin. There you go! You're ready to enjoy your newly made Ice Hash. Have fun!


I hope you guys enjoyed today's article highlighting how to make cheap ice hash. Please be aware, results will vary depending on mixing times, mixing methods, size of mesh used, amount of times separated, and quality of marijuana. Please do the research to find the best recipe for your needs. This method will produce the same amount of Ice Hash as the expensive ice hash kits. However, you get only 1 grade of hash this way. Not 3 grades like most bubble bag kits. This method is intended as a cheap and easy alternative for the average smoker with not much trim.


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one of those gold Mr Coffee coffee filters will work as the screen and it's easier to get a hold of.

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i might be getting about 2 oz's of trim ima try this recipe and ill tell you guys if it works out well my mom should be working tomorrow so around noon east time i should have an answer thanks for the tip

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