The life and times of a marijuana cigarette

The joint is a powerful stoner icon. Even though technology has extended to fully digitized vaporizers, and auto lighting sneak-o-tokes, the joint is still the most preferred way to smoke marijuana. Today I wanted talk about joints, share a few pictures, and fill you in on some info you might not be aware of.

...The life and times of a marijuana cigarette

 Re-lighting the joint, after it went out

Marijuana rolled up in some form of paper or plant leaf has been going on for centuries. We haven't always had textile plants, or slow burning orange packs, and even in the developing world some countries still don't have access to rolling papers. Some of the more common ways joints are rolled, if you're in the middle of Africa, some parts of China, and even in parts of the Middle East, are with brown paper, cigarettes with the tobacco removed, or even with pages from the bible.

Don't Bogart the weed, pass it to a friend

Depending on age, location,  ingredients besides marijuana used, and even dialect, a joint can be called a multitude of different names . In Europe joints are often called Spliffs, and typically include a cardboard or business card filter/mouthpiece at the end. It's popular to include both tobacco and marijuana when rolling spliffs. In North America the term "Blunt" has been gaining popularity since the 90's when iconic rap stars such as Tupac and LL Cool J began promoting blunts in their lyrics. A blunt is an empty cigar wrap, split down the center long wise with the tobacco removed and replaced with marijuana, then rolled back up.

Ashin all day, everyday

The etymology for the term joint starts in France where the word "joint" had derived from Latin "junctus" which meant to bind or join. By the year 1821 "Joint" had become an Irish term for a side room joined onto a main room. It only took a mere 56 years to make it to the United States where by 1877, "Joint"  had became a slang term for a building/establishment, and especially referred to opium dens.
smoke tricks, like rings are recommended on exhale but not required.
By 1935 as the opium dens gained popularity and the usage of opiates was on the rise, the term joint began to refer to the hypodermic needles used to inject heroin, and other drugs.
 The first usage in the sense of "marijuana cigarette" is dated to 1938, at the same time the term"Joint" had taken a second meaning which was "in common"
 Did you know that you burn off almost 50% of the THC when you smoke a joint?
It's widely thought that the term joint took the second definition of " in common," because of the fact that a "Joint" (slang term for hypodermic needle) was used for such a large variety of drugs. In the mid 1930's the slang which had been used on a daily basis to describe the method to inject drugs, changed to also include marijuana.

Today, we use the term joint to describe a plain old marijuana cigarette. 
Nothing fancy, just a rolling paper, and some all natural, fresh and sticky, mary jane.
Terms like cocoa puff,  A-bomb, pin, steamboat, basuco, and buda, are just a few of the many names a marijuana cigarette can go by, and the list goes on and on.
If your smoking in January, then smoke a joint and say happy anniversary to the term given to the most popular way to smoke marijuana. 2013 marked 75 years!


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