Puff, puff, passin the Marijuana facts from around the world!

The 420 shack wanted to bring YOU marijuana facts from around the world!
Every year the International Narcotics Control Board gets together and writes this reaaaaaallllyyyyyy long report about who smokes marijuana. I wanted to break it down for you guys now, with some statistics from their report.

Time to pass the marijuana facts from around the world onto you!

The United States grows roughly 4,700 tons of marijuana every year.

Mexico grows 7,400 tons every year. (No wonder a garbage bag full of weed is only like 20 bucks American there!)

Canada is sitting pretty at growing 3,500 tons of cannabis a year.

Over 25 million Americans are hitting the bong, and every year this number rises substantially!

Africa grows and exports more than 22% of the worlds weed, roughly about 8,900 tons a year.

The countries of South Africa, Nigeria and Morocco grow the most marijuana in africa.

Morocco is the place to be if you like hash! The country of Morocco produces the most hash in the world.

The United States may grow 4,700 tons of marijuana a year, but the country still receives exports from other countries. The 4 countries that export the most amount of marijuana to the United States are; Canada, Colombia, Jamaica and Mexico.

The average potency of the marijuana tested in the United States contained 8.7 % THC. (Est. 2006)

Here goes a shout out to all the boys in South America, they grow a quarter of the worlds marijuana stash. That's about ten thousand tons!

The star of South America? That's definitely Paraguay coming in at 5,900 tons.

If Paraguay is the star marijuana farming country, then they must be the champion smokers too right? WRONG! It's the country of Chile that ranks highest for marijuana usage in South America.

India and Nepal both give Morocco a run for its money in the world hash game. Equally they produce most of the worlds hash.

Cannabis use in Sri Lanka is like whoa my god! Sri Lanka has marijuana plantations, and smokers everywhere, roughly 1 out of every 3 residents.

Afghanistan is a major player in the world marijuana trade. Some even say this is the birth place of marijuana itself. Any real "Kush" originated from here.

Cannabis grows wild like crab grass in the summer time, in countries like Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, though the wild marijuana is not nearly as potent as the marijuana we have in the United States.

The boys are busy in Albania, Montenegro, Muldova, Serbia, Macedonia and Ukraine, all of those countries are growing cannabis for personal use!

These European countries are the biggest smokers of marijuana: Denmark, France, Italy, the U.K., the Czech Republic, Spain and Ireland.

Some countries in Europe like Bulgaria, Malta, Romania, Greece, Norway, Sweden and Cyprus, don't really smoke weed that much, and in turn rank the lowest on the marijuana usage scale.

Australia grows the most cannabis in Oceania, followed by Micronesia, New Zealand and Papau New Guinea.

You can find more info at their site along with the yearly reports at 

So guys that concludes my quick post today covering some marijuana facts from around the world! Hope you enjoyed them.

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Isaac said...

Quite an...interesting blog :) following you

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

The 25m sounds about right. I'm not sure what proportion are chronic user (let's say more than once a week).

The stuff does seem to fuzz people up for several days so I'm really not a fan of people smoking on "school nights" - especially if they're driving the school bus.

Not a problem if they're the stereotypical burger-flippers.

I've known a few pot-heads" in "professional" roles but I've generally dropped their services if I've found them to be groggy on a Thursday.

I do wish the govt would legalize the crap though. The effects of prohibition are 100% negative.

Bart said...

marijuana facts... lol wat. gov't wont legalize anything where they can make more money off it. pro tip

Beau Thompson said...

I have quite a few friends who enjoy cannabis use. I'd like to gain some knowledge of the community.

Definitely following!

Ante Babaja said...

cool blog :) it could be useful for me :D

Das Auto! said...

i can't smoke weed every day like I used to because it really did affect my short term memory. and believe me, i'm the last person to readily admit that!

those statistics don't surprise me at all. weed has taken huge strides towards public acceptance lately, and i hope that i'll be able to go pick up a pack of joints from the convenience store soon.. no medical license involved.