Strain Review: REAL afghan kush! (HQ photos)

So It's almost 1:30 out here at the 420 shack, and I just wanted to tell a story today about Afghan kush, and my friend Bali.
afghan kush


About a year ago I woke up still high, from the OZ we smoked the night before.
That room is always a happy place.
With the room still spinning, I put on my pants and left the house. I was living in so-cal at the time, and the beach was a 5 minute walk away. I took my time making it to my favorite smoke spot. A nice lonesome palm tree overlooking the water.
 I'm lifted, and enjoying the beautiful scenery as I walk around venice and snap pictures.

I'm stopping in and out of friends places to say hi, and smoke some bowls.

There is this one guy from Bali who works a fruit stand near there, I never knew his name he was introduced to me as Bali.

This isn't Bali, just a dude from Bali that looks amazingly close.

Now Bali is a funny dude, He's always telling stories about smoking biddies in India, and growing afghan kush all over Indonesia.

This is Syria,.one of many spots Bali has talked about growing afghan kush at.
His stories never fail to enlighten. I asked him one day, if that since he's in America if he's stopped growing weed. He looked at me kind of funny, then lost all expression and burst out laughing so hard, i thought he was going into convulsions! He quickly told me to come back the next day. At that very moment Bali got up from his chair and ran down the street leaving his fruit stand unattended.

I figured Bali knew what he was doing, so I went home.
The next day, I woke up and walked to the fruit stand, Bali handed me a brown box and said
"Tidak susah ji soalnya" I asked what that meant, and he said it meant, nothing is difficult.
I came home and opened the box, I took pictures of what was inside.

 I present to you now, Bali's afghan kush!

This stuff was simply amazing! Bali never told me if he grew it himself or if he got it from somewhere else, but the way Bali's personality goes, I'm pretty positive he grows it.

Either way, this stuff was simply too amazing to keep to myself, I had to share the story with you guys. 

Strain review

Strain name- afghan kush

Sight- The look of this stuff is unique, lots of big orange hairs. tons and tons of crystals, and a marble effect of light to dark green. This weed is simply a sight to behold.

Touch- Dense nugs, that were soo sticky I had to wash my hands after breaking one up. The leaves didn't crumble or fall off, even when I tore a bud in half.

Smell- The smell is very distinct, It has a slight nose twisting pungent funk, that's followed by an engaging sweet and citrusy scent. It's a real pleasure to smell this stuff.

Taste- Tastes just like the smell, on the inhale I recieved that familiar dank flavor, the skunky yet appeasing aroma was followed by the citrus and left a lingering fruity/funky mix that was pretty enjoyable! This strain had a TON of flavor.

Effects- This stuff definitely felt more like a strong sativa than anything. Not after 3 minutes of finishing a bowl, I was excited, and happy and energetic. My mind was clear, and focusing was a task readily achievable. I was still able to get work done, but with a super powerful creative, happy energy flowing around me all morning. I felt relaxed and ready to tackle anything,

Potency- 1-2 hits was all you needed to feel nice, I smoked 2 bowls of this stuff and  I was elevated for hours. Definitely potent stuff when grown right!


This strain was absolutely amazing! Whenever I go back to Venice Beach and I visit Bali I 'm always reminded of his amazing afghan kush super powers.

 I hope you all enjoyed the review!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! How much did he actually give you?
I'm from Norway and I was considering getting some, but after your post, you made it very clear that I should not hesitate getting this strain. :)