Californian's Get Free Weed

You know the saying, "When something seems to good to be true, it probably is." Yet medical marijuana card holders were treated to a free gram of weed on the last day of operation for the Sacramento based medical marijuana dispensary, Magnolia Wellness. Legal paitents lined up all day to get their hands on the free sack, though for one woman, it was a tearful event in which she had to say goodbye to the people who have been caring for her medical needs for a long time.

With severe issues cropping up around the medical marijuana industry in California, it's no wonder some dispensaries are resorting to giving away their medicine. As legal operating dispensaries are being shutdown all over the state, the government is actually trying to award an exclusive cannabinoid license to a large pharma firm. This is the same government that has declared marijuana as having no medicinal value. Hypocrisy plays to the firm with the largest wallet.

​"It is a grave injustice that patient association[s] in California are now facing a coordinated and comprehensive attack by the DOJ, while one pharmaceutical company in New York stands to profit tremendously from the monopolization of medical cannabis thanks to the HHS," UMMP posted.

While the wheel spins regarding the legality of medicinal marijuana, and who should control the monetary value behind the scenes, some dispensaries are actually giving more to their members, instead of taking away. Harborside Health Center has dispensaries in Oakland, CA and San Jose, CA. This dispensary not only offers medication to their patients, they also provide a plethora of valuable services. One of the most important of which is their care package program.

Their description of the program is as follows:

"Care Package Program

We provide weekly care packages to patients unable to afford their medicine. To qualify for the care package program, you need to bring in proof of your financial situation, such as copy of your SSI letter or some other official documentation of your current income level."

While this may not be the "free weed" you were looking for, this service is helping lots of patients who are up to their eyes in medical debt. The economy is still looking grim, unemployment rates are still staggering, and cancer and other chronic medical conditions continue to attack without regard to our financial situations. Patients need to be able to afford their medicine. Harborside has taken a page from local community health clinics, and decided that if you can't afford the services, yet you still need them, they should be given out at a reasonable or no cost solution. Not only do they offer the care package promotion, but they also have a senior and veteran discount, online ordering, classes on how to grow your own medical marijuana, a small library of cannabis related books, activist resources, and they even boast a substance misuse support program. Not only that, but the majority of their services are free. Patients don't need to make a purchase in order to take advantage of any of their programs.

Harborside also offers a full range of holistic healing services including massage therapy and naturopathy among others. The greatest part to all of this is that Harborside uses Steep Hill Labs, California's premier medical cannabis analysis laboratory, to fully test all of the medicine that comes into their dispensary. This means patients receiving the care package promotion can rest comfortably noting the medicine they are receiving is low or no cost because they need it to be, not because the medicine is less potent or filled with molds and bacteria that can cause complications. 

Dispensaries offering this much to their patients deserve to remain open, and in turn, patients in need deserve more dispensaries that offer up so much value. 

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