The Hipster Way To Vape Your Weed

Where Hipsters got their WISPR before you knew about it

Chris Luomanen of the design company Thing Tank has designed the ultimate vape in terms of style and function.

The portable WISPR vaporizer is made by Oglesby and Butler. The same company behind the Iolite
vaporizer. This is a company who makes top quality vaporizers. We are talking the Rolls-Royce of vapes. They've got over 27 years experience dealing with central heat controlled vaporizers, So you know that right out of the box this thing is going to preform.

Not only does the WISPR have a great designer and a great production company, but this vape actually stays true to the hype. Super lightweight, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, quick start up time, and a battery that can stand up to a 3 hour smoke session. This is the 420 shacks new go-to piece, and it's no wonder why. The WISPR has been gaining a big following, and has even been featured in the NY Times. It's probably a good idea to check this out before your local coffee house hipster tries to flex his underground knowledge.

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