California Wants To Regulate Marijuana Like Wine

For anyone living in California, this information is extremely pertinent. After years of fighting an uphill battle, 2011 marked a significant change for the course of medical marijuana. California failed to pass a legalization bill by less than 5%. It's time to stop procrastinating, and time to start caring about your future as a medical marijuana user, or as a normal citizen who wants to use marijuana for your own personal benefit. 2012 witnessed the birth of new California legislature. Without further ado, I present the shortened version of the initiative.

This California Voter Initiative for 2012 intends to:

  • Repeal prohibition of marijuana for adults
  • Strictly regulates marijuana, just like the wine industry
  • Allows hemp agriculture and products
  • Does not change laws regarding
  • medical marijuana
  • impairment
  • workplace
  • vehicle operation
  • use by minors under 21 years old
  • Provides specific personal possession exemptions
  • Requires dismissal of pending court cases
  • Defense against all related litigation
  • Prevents California from supporting federal enforcements that conflict with this law and requires the State to petition the Feds to remove marijuana from Schedule One
  • Prohibits commercial advertising of non-medical marijuana
  • Generates new revenue from sales taxes, while creating no new taxes

Please check out their website. At the very least you can like it on facebook to help get the word out. Californian's are on the forefront of the medical marijuana movement, what California decides helps set the bar for the other states who are considering adopting new medical marijuana legislation. We need to keep fighting for our rights.

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