How to Treat Cannabis Root Rot

Hydroponics solutions need to be changed regularly.

What is root rot?

Root rot is when your marijuana plant's roots start to die. As they die they turn from white to brown, they also start to break apart and give off a pungent aroma.

Root rot normally comes from a couple of sources, one is a prolonged exposure to over watered conditions. As the roots rot away, the rot can then spread to healthier roots and kill those also, even if the soil conditions are corrected.

Another source of marijuana root rot can come from fungus in the soil. Fungus can lay dormant in soil indefinitely, which can have harmful effects on your marijuana plants. Over watering one or two times can be enough for the fungus to flourish and begin attacking the roots.

What does root rot look like?

Since you wont be able to check your roots consistently, unless you are growing hydroponically, you will have to pay close attention to the signs your plant is giving off.
A wilting plant, or yellowing leaves are bad signs. If you have checked for nutrient deficiencies and you have no pests, and your plants are exhibiting wilting and yellowing for no apparent reason, then you must check the roots.

Remove the plant from the soil and feel the roots. Any roots that are affected by root rot will be black and feel mushy. Affected roots can fall off the plant after being touched. Healthy roots will feel firm and pliable.

Treating root rot and what you'll need

- Pot with good drainage
- Bleach
- 91% rubbing alcohol (or higher)
- Trimming shears
- Fungus free soil
- Gloves
- Fungicide

You must act quickly to treat root rot. The longer you wait, the worse chance of survival you give to your marijuana plant.

Wash your hands, and put on gloves, wear them the entire time. Take your affected marijuana plant out of the soil and wash the roots under lukewarm running water. You'll want to wash away as much of the soil, and rotted roots as possible. Make sure to be gentle during this process.

Once your marijuana plants roots are clean. Clean your trimming shears in rubbing alcohol. Then trim away all affected roots. If your plants roots have been affected badly by root rot, you may need to cut away a large portion of the roots. If you have bad root rot, and need to do that, then you'll also need to prune back, a third to a half of the leaves on your plant.
This will give your marijuana plant a better chance to grow.

Dispose of all of the soil that was in the pot and wash the pot thoroughly with a bleach solution.
If possible, dip the cleaned healthy roots in a fungicide solution to kill off any remaining root rot fungus. Now replant the marijuana plant, using fresh soil.

Tips to avoid reoccurring root rot 

- Make sure your pot has adequate drainage.
- Only water the marijuana plant when the top of the soil is dry .
- While the marijuana plant is regrowing its roots, do not fertilize it, as that may stress it.

Treating root rot is pretty easy, but remember the earlier you catch it, the better your chances of survival become. The best way to not get root rot at all, is to water carefully, and mix your own soil  or growing medium, using only trusted organic products.

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