Kief, keef, Kif, and Keif: The Dry Ice Hash Tutorial

Kief, keef, Kif, and Keif: The Dry Ice Hash Tutorial

Today, we are going to go over a recipe so simple you will wonder why you've been purchasing your concentrates, or throwing away your trim. You are probably used to your grinder catching all the trichs the marijuana drops as you grind away at it. This gold powder is what we call "Keef."

Depending on your locality you may spell it a number of ways. No matter how you spell it though, keef is an extract. The same as ice hash, bubble hash, wax, bho, shatter, etc. When making concentrates, we want to eliminate all of the green plant material, but save only the parts that get us medicated. The THC. This tutorial will guide you step by step through the process of making your own dry ice hash.

What you will need

- bubble bags
- 5 gallon bucket
- lid to the bucket
- dry ice
- plastic scraper
- container
- gloves

Tutorial on how to make dry ice hash

Step 1: Clean your bucket!
Step 2: Line it with your bubble bags.
Step 3: Place your marijuana into the bubble bag.
Step 4: Place large chunks of dry ice in.Wear gloves when handling the dry ice!
Step 5: Put the lid on the bucket, this will secure the bags in place.
Step 6: Shake it like a salt shaker.
Step 7: After about 5 minutes, remove the lid and check the contents.
Step 8: The longer you shake, the more the plant gets broken down, we only want the trichomes here, so watch the color. You want to stop shaking before the hash turns green.
Step 9: To collect the powder, remove the bags, and use the scraper.
Step 10: Place in your containers, letting it cure for a week or two makes it taste even better!

Thats it! You are a master hash maker!

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