The Cannabutter Secret: Potency And Flavor

The Cannabutter Secrets to Potency And Flavor 

If you have been smoking for a while, you undoubtedly have found your regular dosing method.
While everyone's ailments are different, and require different applications of meds, everyone can benefit from less smoke in the lungs. Let's face it, there will always be some inhalation of small amounts of carcinogens from smoking. As we turn to alternative practices to help cope with our symptoms, we need to lessen the toxins we allow into our bodies.

Edibles allow us to mitigate those nasty carcinogens. Cannabutter is a great base for whatever recipe you can think of that uses butter. 

Here are the questions that every person faces as they stare into an empty bowl, next to a bunch of ingredients they are unsure about, and the small bag of medication that they need. "How much marijuana do I use?" "Is this wasting the cannabis?" "Are they sure this really works?" "How do I make a tiny batch of edibles to test?" 

Let me stop your trailing mind right there, stop worrying, everything will be okay.

So here is the scientific explanation behind "smoking weed vs eating it:"

As you can see from the chart, the THC reacts differently in your body, but nothing gets wasted, the effects are changed from a "quality of high", to a "length of high." Since there is less of a drop, edibles provide a smoother, longer, more relaxing high, without that "burnt come-down feeling," that many complain of that comes with smoking marijuana. Since there is no smoking, this is a much safer way of taking your medication.

Most people, in not understanding the chart, don't use the correct amount of medication in the butter preparation. Well the 420 shack is here today, to help guide you and hopefully get you into a better frame of mind. 

This is not a picture "how to" as you will not need pictures. Every item you will need, except your own medication, is linked to multiple times in the tutorial. Follow the guide step by step and even if you are the kind of person who normally burns popcorn in the microwave, you'll be able to make cannabutter like a pro.

Here is what you'll need to make cannabutter

  1 lb (or 4 sticks) of unsalted butter - organic is encouraged here. 
  1 crockpot - Most sizes will do. It needs a lid.   
  1 large spoon to stir - flat and metal is the best,  anything will do.
  1 container to store the liquid cannabutter in.
  1 funnel or small strainer
  1 cheese cloth/ coffee filter
  2 pot holders - (<--#PotLeafPotHolders)
  1 serrated knife - any knife will do really.
  1-3 drops of vanilla extract - organic is encouraged here.
  7g-10g of medication per stick of butter - If you use all 4 sticks 1 oz is a good rule of thumb.

Step 1: Plug in your crock pot, and turn it on high. 
Step 2: Drop the sticks of butter into the crock pot. Wait until melted. Add 1-3 vanilla extract drops.
Step 3: Grind up your marijuana, careful here, not too chop it too fine. You will have to strain it.
Step 4: Pour the marijuana buds into the melted butter in the crock pot. Cover with lid.
Step 5: Start the timer. 8 hours for best results. Stir EVERY 25-30 minutes. This is KEY. 
Step 6: Once it has cooked long enough, turn off the heat. 
Step 7: Fold your cheesecloth in half/ grab a coffee filter, and line your funnel/small strainer.
Step 8: With the lined strainer positioned over the container, slowly pour liquid through strainer.
Step 9: It's okay if some pieces get through. Put the container in the fridge, and wait 4-8 hours.
Step 10: Remove the slab of hardened butter from the container. 
Step 11: Shave the bottom layer off into the trash with a serrated butter knife.
Step 12: You now have butter to use in any recipe. 

Congratulations. You are a master chef. 

Here are ten secrets to making the best cannabutter.

1. The human stomach empty's about every 30-45 minutes, if there's too much undigested food in your stomach, your body won't be able to digest the THC in the time needed to be effective. If it isn't absorbed in the stomach, the THC goes into the intestines, and it will not be absorbed very well.

2. After refrigeration, The bottom of the butter will be where ALL the weed particles that made it through the strainer got stuck. Don't worry if a few make it through the straining process. Thats what you cut off.

3. Adjusting the recipe is easy. If you only wanted to make a small amount of anything, simply divide the cannabutter recipe by the same number you are dividing the food recipe by.
If you were making butter without knowing what food recipe you were going to follow first, then simply dividing it in half is perfect. 2 sticks of butter, 14g of medication. Remember, a good ratio is 7-10 grams of meds per 1 stick of butter. (1 stick of butter = 2 oz)

4. The less food you mix the butter with the better the high, as you want your body to absorb the butter before the food. 

5. Mango's can increase your high, or so some say, It's supposedly due to increased myrcene levels. So eat a mango prior to eating your edible, and you should experience a peak similar to smoking, yet with the length of ingesting. The 420 shack personally attests to the myrcene trick. Trust us. Try it.

6. The most crucial part is heating and stirring. You don't want the butter to burn. If you need to leave the house during prep, then simply turn the crock pot down to warm. You don't need to stir on warm. However, the warm setting is not sufficient to allow the oils in the butter to absorb the THC, Always remember to keep it on High and stir as much as you can, you can't stir it too much. 
If you think you will forget about stirring, then put it on the LOW setting. Stir every 45min-1hr, but cook time will now be 12-16 hours. 

7. Potency of cannabutter will be directly dependent on potency of marijuana.
Outdoor grown, open roofed greenhouse grown,  or bud that has seeds is generally considered low grade. You will need a higher marijuana to butter ratio. 10-12g per stick.
Enclosed greenhouse grown, indoor soil grown, or indoor hydro/aero grown this is generally considered high grade. You will need a smaller marijuana to butter ratio. 7-10g per stick.

8. If you have trim, save it for hash. If you've been saving your stems, throw them away. If you've been saving your seeds, that's fine, just don't use them in the preparation of making cannabutter.

9. Infusing the butter with essential oils, drops of chocolate sauce, dashes of spices, leaves of mint, even chunks of garlic cloves, are all ways to help increase the flavor of the butter. These ingredients are substituted for or used along side the vanilla extract in the above recipe. Use whatever you like, experiment, and have fun!

10. The color does not equal how potent the cannabuttter is. That is a myth. The color is dependent on the cleanliness of the materials used. Generally outdoor marijuana, makes a darker butter than indoor due to dirt and other contaminants that get on the bud during growing, and can't be washed off. Light green is what you want. 

Now pick your favorite recipe and get to it! I highly recommend "The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook" It's 5 bucks on amazon, and you can get the kindle version. it has TONS of amazing recipes.

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