The Simplest Way To Make Marijuana Seeds

You may want to produce seeds from your crop to continue a cannabis strain that you obtained. By breeding two plants together you can produce seeds. How easy is it to make seeds? Well it's extremely easy provided your plants are healthy and you have a stable growing environment. When your male plants pollen sacks burst, they will pollinate all of your female flowers. At the end of your flowering cycle, the buds will contain seeds.

Pollen which is needed to pollinate the females, can be collected and stored. Pollen lasts for about a month, but can last longer if kept in the freezer.

Assuming you are breeding to continue a custom strain, you should know that you will not completely replicate the plants genes again unless they are IBL (an Inbred Line.) You will generate seeds however, that contain most of the parents’ genetic traits, but there will always be some variance in characteristics such as potency, taste, smell, color, and terpene profiles.

What you will need

Male cannabis plant
Felmale cannabis plant
35mm film canister
Trimming Scissors
Razor Blade
Paper Bag
Spray Bottle
Freezer (optional storage method)

Tutorial On How To Make Marijuana Seeds

1. Remove males when it's time to flower. (2-4 weeks before females)
Take males to private area, away from females. Place newspaper under the males to catch pollen.

1a. (OPTIONAL) You can keep a male plant alive indefinitely by bending the top almost 90 degrees. This places the plant in shock, and delays growth.

2. Once you see pollen sacks, hold your mirror under the male and shake the branches gently to release pollen.

3. If you do not care about keeping your male plant alive, Then you can trim off all the seed sacks, place them on the mirror and gently crush them open.

4. Collect pollen with razor blade, and scoop it into the 35mm film canisters.

5. 2 weeks after female flowers appear you may pollinate. Wait until flowers are mature, but still showing white hairs.

6. Keep fans off. Grab a paper bag, pour some pollen in the bag. Shake it all up. Very carefully, wet the paper bag with a spray bottle, don't soak the bag, we just want it moist enough to hold the pollen.

7. Time to pollinate. Place the bag over a branch on a female plant. You may have to cut the bag sideways to not allow pollen to fall out. Shake the bag and branch at the same time. Let the pollen settle for about an hour or 2, then repeat the shake. Remove the bag after another 1-2 hours.

8. Within 2 weeks your female plant should show signs of seed production. 3-6 weeks after that, the ripe seeds will drop. One pollinated branch can make hundreds of seeds, so pollinate wisely.

9. The seeds should be dark brown, some will have black stripes. If they are white, then they are not viable and you may have harvested too early.

10. Store your seeds in black 35mm film cannisters. The seeds will last in excess of 2 years if you store them in a freezer.

That's it for the simple way to make marijuana seeds.

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