How To Handle Cannabis Predators and Pests

If you are growing outdoors, or indoors, you will have to combat pests or predators at some point during your grow. It does happen that sometimes the bugs win. No matter how much you might spray them or try to kill them, they keep coming back to your grow.

Mites and other small pests can lay their eggs in cuttings and these can be missed when you look for pests because they are not obvious. Pesticides should kill them, but some pests like the powder bugs lay their eggs inside the stems and seem to always come back. If you can't get rid of bugs like this then you may have to toss your genetics away and get new ones. For breeders this can be a daunting task. A long term project can be terminated by a few bugs wreaking havoc in the grow room. Breeders should pay strict attention to keeping their grow rooms clean at all times.

Outdoor growers, should pay especially close attention to keeping fences, and mesh flooring up at all times. Outdoor grows have to combat not only bugs, but animals as well.

Today we are going to teach you how to effectively eliminate all of your pest problems.

Marijuana Predators and Pests

Groundhogs and Woodchucks --  Their presence and intentions can spell disaster for your garden. Woodchucks will nibble your stems and collapse the plant. The way to solve this is by using predator urine or by building a mesh fence around the bottom of your outdoor plants. This will keep the chucks from eating your stems and branches. Use more than one rap of mesh and make sure that you keep it tight. Also planting Marigolds near your grow will also help keep the chucks away. Epsom salts can be sprinkled on the vegetation and fruits of your garden plants to render them foul-tasting to groundhogs. You can also drop rodent gas bombs in their burrows.

Rabbits -- Rabbits can reduce a marijuana crop to nothing in a couple of days and will continue to feed from the same garden until they are stopped or the garden is destroyed. Predator urine and small fences work wonders to deter rabbits from eating your crop. Shake-Away Small Critter Repellant Works great as it is made from Fox urine.

Deer -- Deer are so very curious that even electric fences won't stop them over time. In order to solve deer problems you need to get predator urine from coyotes.  Make sure to use predator urine which does not attract plant-eating animals. Products like Deer Off or Liquid Fence really help to keep deer away.

Powderbug and Scale and Mealybug -- These little guys lay their eggs in your bud and your stems. They can reduce your plant to nothing in weeks or less. You need a powerful insecticide to keep them away. A Rubbing Alochol and soapy water mixture can also kill Mealybugs. Essentria IC3 Insecticide Concentrate is one of the preferred methods, as it handles numerous pests.

Grasshoppers & Leafhoppers -- Only dangerous in large numbers, in which case Essentria IC3 Insecticide Concentrate is your best friend.

Cutworms and Caterpillers -- Damage occurs at night when caterpillars feed by clipping off seedling stems and young plants near or just below the soil surface. Entire rows of newly planted vegetation can be cut off during the night. Diatomaceous earth sprinkled around the base of plants is a very effective repellant. Though Essentria IC3 Insecticide Concentrate will get rid of them for good.

Whitefly -- One of the biggest pests that you are ever going to be unlucky enough to come across is the Whitefly. Deadly, as they love the smell of marijuana, and will attack in swarms. They can reduce your plant to trash in days. Safer's soap helps to kill them. The spray won't harm beneficial bugs, and it's safe to use up until the last day of harvest.

Slugs and Snails -- Make a circle of table salt about 4 feet away from base of your plant. Then make another circle a foot in from that. Salt is deadly to snails and slugs and will keep them out.

Mites -- Spider mites are most likely THE biggest threat to your marijuana plants. They are considered arachnids, because they have eight legs and no antennae. They happen to be extremely tiny and hard to see with the naked eye. Spider mites make their homes on the underside of leaves and will spin a silky web as a means of protecting their colony and eggs from predators. They will appear as black dots when you search for them. Kill your spider mites with Liquid Ladybug.

Termites -- Termites will infest your cannabis' root system. They can go undetected for a while. About 2-3 weeks is all it takes to lose 90% of your root mass. They don't like water. If you over water the soil around your plant they will leave. You can aslo use a product like Spectracide, which does wonders for killing Ants and Termites.

Ants -- These guys will make a home out of your grow for their nests. They are also a sign of Aphids, because Ants farm Aphids! Ants can be removed using Essentria IC3 Insecticide Concentrate.

Aphids and Gnats -- These tiny winged pests hide on the bottom of your cannabis leaves. Aphids give birth at the rate of up to twelve offspring per day. Aphids suck the nutrients our of the leaves, causing them to wilt and turn yellow. They can transmit viruses from plant to plant resulting in stunted growth and the delay of flower production. Essentria IC3 Insecticide Concentrate will handle all your aphids.

Wilt Fungus AKA Fusarium Oxysprum -- Fusarium Oxysprum is rare, but still a problem is some parts of the world. This fungus wilts your plants and will eventually kill them. You actually need to get a fungicide.

Remember, the keys to a successful grow lie in keeping your grow room as clean as it can be at all times. Clean everything with bleach! Don't take things from outside into the grow room. Keep shoes out of the room. Hats as well. It's a good idea to never let anyone see your room. That way you are the only source of contaminates, and if you watch yourself, then you will be able to avoid these pest problems. Outdoor growers should focus on keeping those fences up, and making those pesticides and fungicides work for you. Good luck fighting the good fight!

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