The Most Advanced Vape Pen Ever: The Grasshopper

"Grasshopper is built to be part of your life. Whether you're climbing a mountain, sitting at a cafe, or just lounging around the house, Grasshopper will always provide a durable and ergonomic design making it perfect for just about everyone.

We worked hard to create a device that was simple, powerful and rugged. These attributes are at the very core of Grasshopper, and are the key to unlocking your freedom to roam." -Grasshopper Team

With vaporizer pens currently dominating the cannabis culture, it was only a matter of time before a startup took the idea of building the best vape pen, and ssuccessfullyaccomplished that. The guys over at are not your typical stoner stereotypes. They are hard working, diligent guys, with aerospace engineering degrees, who happen to think the current market is over saturated with inferior products. Check out their Indiegogo video, let your mind be blown by the revolutionary concepts behind the newest and best way to get medicated.

The Grasshopper Vape Pen

Grasshopper Vaporizer Technical Details - Simplicity Through Design

On the outside, Grasshopper is incredibly simple. Four basic parts work together to deliver an easy and powerful experience. Each of these parts was designed and redesigned around usability, durability and functionality. Every millimeter of space was used to maximize battery capacity while maintaining a sleek, elegant design.

Grasshopper utilizes advanced technology in both its design and manufacture. By using the best materials and processes available, we've ensured the maximum possible efficiency, durability and battery life.

Exterior - By constructing the entire housing from stainless steel, we've made it incredibly thin while maintaining excellent durability. A thin, strong housing maximizes interior space, allowing for a larger battery and chamber.

Circuitry - Grasshopper uses a pair of microprocessors to monitor user input and precisely control temperature. These microprocessors communicate through the metal housing of Grasshopper, relaying information from one end to the other.  This allows us to build Grasshopper with no wires. This saves space, increases reliability, and reduces the cost of manufacture.

Heater - The heater is one of the most innovative elements of Grasshopper. Using Direct Metal Laser Sintering, (a type of metal 3D printing), we've created an extremely compact heat exchanger with very little flow resistance. A 30 Watt heating element means that Grasshopper will always keep up, no matter how aggressive your usage.

Which Grasshopper to Get?

Basic - A Grasshopper and charging cable. This is our basic model, and the cheapest way to get your hands on a Grasshopper.

Titanium - A special edition Titanium Grasshopper with a leather sleeve.

Color - Color Grasshoppers are made of anodized Titanium for enhanced durability. You'll also receive the Grasshopper leather sleeve.

Check out the project now @ indiegogo 

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