Cannabis Infused Ribbon Candy!

cannabis hard candy ribbons

Why make cannabis edibles? Well cannabis edibles hold many benefits; they are a natural alternative to the pharmaceuticals that we use to treat pain, insomnia and even depression. Cannabis hard candy is extremely useful for people with throat and/or mouth disabilities as they are extremely easy to eat.While most dispensaries offer your run of the mill jolly rancher or lollipop clones, those type of cannabis hard candy can get old and boring rather quickly. They also tend to not be very "fun." Trust us when we tell you that when you make cannabis infused ribbon candy for your friends, they'll be in awe. You'll be able to enjoy more than the effects they provide, but also the happiness that comes from sharing something that took love and hard work to make.

Cannabis infused ribbon candy is started the way most cannabis hard candies are started, with a simple cannabis sugar syrup. However, instead of just putting the melted candy mixture into molds and letting it sit. These are tricky the first few times you make them. We will include some photos to help you first time candy pullers out there. So without further ado let's get to the recipe!

How To Make Cannabis Infused Ribbon Candy

What you'll need:
How to make your cannabis infused ribbon candy:

cannabis hard candy ribbons how to guide

1. Prepare your 4 cookie sheets by spraying them with nonstick cooking spray.
2. Preheat oven to 200F.
3. Heat your Cannabutter and honey until it's liquid, then set it aside.
4. Combine your water, corn syrup, and sugar in a non covered saucepan. Over medium heat, continuously stir until you bring the mixture to a boil.
5. Grab your candy thermometer stop stirring, wait until the candy reaches it's soft crack stage at 269F. This process will take roughly 15 minutes post boil.
6. Once the proper temperature is reached immediately remove from heat and stir in the peppermint/vanilla extract, your cannabutter/honey mixture, and salt, and continue heating until the mixture reaches 285F.
7. Grab a prepared cookie sheet and pour about 1/3 of your candy mix onto it and place it in your preheated oven to keep it warm.
8. Grab a second cookie sheet and pour another 1/3 onto it and drip the green food coloring on top. Put this cookie sheet into the oven as well to keep warm.
9. Add red food coloring to your last 1/3 of candy mixture.
10. Pour the last of the candy mix onto a heat-safe cutting board. Allow the candy to sit until it forms a skin.
11. Grab your heat-safe spatula and spray it with nonstick cooking spray, you will use your spatula to spread the candy mix out and then to push it back together. You want to work across the entire cutting board, this will allow the ribbon candy mix to cool.
12. Once the candy is cool enough to handle you'll want to put on your plastic/silicone gloves, spray them with nonstick cooking spray, and start pulling by taking the candy in both of your hands and pulling it in opposite directions. You want it to look like a rope. (The candy will still be very hot at this point, you just want to be able to handle it without burning yourself. The cooking spray will help to avoid burns.)
13. Now bring the ends of your long rope together and twist the candy into a shorter fatter rope.
14. You'll now want to pull it back out into a long rope again.
15. Continue your pulling process until the candy has a silky or satin like finish. It should also have a red opaque color to it. (Keep in mind if you used more food coloring than 4 drops, the color may be deeper and richer than an opaque.)
16. Once the candy has cooled down and is barely warm, yet still pliable, you'll want to to pull it into a rope that is about 2 inches thick. Put it on a prepared cookie sheet and place it in your oven. The candy will remain pliable as long as you keep it in the oven.
17. Now take out your uncolored candy mix. You will want to do the whole pulling process again with this mix until the candy becomes a silky/satin whitish color. (Depending on the color of your cannabutter/honey mix, the candy may not turn solid white and may look a tad green, golden, or brown.)
18. Once the candy is has cooled down and is barely warm, yet still pliable, pull it into a 2 inch thick rope like you did with the red portion, and then put it back into the oven.
19. Now repeat the process with the green portion of your candy mix. Remember to stop when the candy is a silky/satin opaque green color. (Keep in mind if you used more food coloring than 4 drops, the color may be deeper and richer than an opaque.)
20. Create your 2 inch thick rope with the green candy as well.
21. Take out your red and white candy ropes from the oven. Cut about a 5 inch portion from each candy log.
22. Place the 5 inch cut portions on your last prepared cookie sheet. Keep the white in the middle.
23. Start to pull the candies together. As the candy gets thinner, gently mold them together. You want to end with a single thin piece of green,white, and red candy that is about 1 inch in height.
24. Once your pulled and twisted candy is in the final shape, grab your kitchen shears and spray them with nonstick cooking spray. Then cut them into 6-8 inch long lengths.
25. Now the fun part! Immediately push them into ribbon shapes and then place them onto a cookie sheet to set. Leave them out at room temperature.  
26. Repeat the pulling/cutting/ribbon forming process with the remaining strips of candy.
(Tip: Sometimes the remaining candy will get to hard to pull. If this happens just place the candy onto a cookie sheet and put it back into the oven for a few minutes to soften. Just don't let it sit too long and melt.)
27. Once the cannabis infused ribbon candy sets it will get very hard. However, if you leave them out for too long they can get soft and sticky. To prevent that, wrap the ribbons in cling wrap once they set.
28. Enjoy your cannabis infused ribbon candy responsibly, and make sure to not leave it in the reach of kids or pets.
If you enjoyed this recipe check out our recipe for Healthy Hash Gummy Bears. It uses a lot of the same ingredients and who doesn't love gummy bears!? If you are looking for more in-depth recipes, for more than just edibles, I recommend this book "Marijuana Recipes And Remedies" It has over 200 recipes for non-toxic, all natural products. From household cleaners, to make-up, to medicine. It's on kindle too!

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